Consensus is based on my painting of the same name of five men in suits attempting to mobilize themselves on two skis. In the three dimensional version, the are three skis and five people. The central ski is utilized by all five participants, the flanking two skis are for two and three participants, respectively, in order for them to complete their binary movement. Consensus is a physical manifestation of a utopian space about non-hierarchical cooperation. In order to mobilize the whole, each individual is required to exert an equal amount of effort; therefore, creating a flattening effect. There is no leader, no CEO. Is power distributed equally? And is the only the obstacle through attaining agreement and coordination? Being at the front of the line has no meaning relative to power, the power is in the collective. The concept of non-hierarchical production of space is counter to individual social sensibilities and therefore is an obstacle to moving forward. Perhaps, however , with a degree of compromising and negotiation the obstacle can be overcome. Of course, the result could be complete chaos....until someone takes charge. Participants wear jackets that visually unify them and to give them a sense of being part of a team.

Skiing is an activity normally done with one person and two skis, by changing the number of people and the number of skis, a new reading of the body is established.  Further contradicting the normal movement of the body, homo-lateral movement is employed as opposed to the natural hetero-lateral movement.

The 'performance' begins as the participants put on the jackets and try to figure out how to move. When they become unified in their movement, they move like a well-oiled machine. Until then, the negotiation is predominant.