InterMission II: InsideOut

Inspired by the complex and informal program of the Adobe Bookshop, I used the window display areas as a way of exploring the production of space. The bookstore being multifaceted, part retail,  part community center, part gallery space, part performance space, and part living space was the perfect place to explore this rich field. How is space produced? It is not limited to materiality or intent but is produced through human activities that interact with materiality and existing hierarchical/geographical structures. The Adobe Bookshop is emblematic of the enigmatic process of becoming by continually contesting definition. The window displays provided a compelling location for the exploration of space because of the already established relationship between viewer and viewed. Even when used as storage, there remains the open invitation to look inside.

I created short, intermittent events within the window areas to challenge notions of display, exhibition and social activity. Thematically, each referred to the production of space as an ongoing and ever-changing activity within which we are all participating. These InterMissions occurred as ‘intermissions’ between longer displays.

InterMission II was a series of two evenings of performances where I asked artists to perform something in the public window spaces that they would normally do in private. The sidewalk became the theater seating and the windows, the stages.