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In this series entitled (Re)Contextualizing Yoga, I am wearing my grandmother's and her sister's dresses from the early 20thC and performing yoga in front of my collages. Yoga, in its contemporary form, was largely developed in the early 20C at the time that my relatives were wearing this clothing. I find the juxtaposition to be curious and compelling, especially when paired with my collages which thematically echo the truly anachronistic nature of any space in time.

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The Path is not Linear, 2017

72" x 90"

mixed media on canvas, burlap, linen and glassine

This piece is part of a series of collages entitled Not in Control where I am exploring the relationship between consciousness and the subconscious. This piece, The Path is not Linear, is based on classic Indian representations of the path of meditation in ten stages. The passage of time deceptively promotes a linear path which misrepresents a strange, wondrous and chaotic reality.



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Nothing at All I, 2017

48" x 96"

metal dye sublimation print, acrylic, glassine


Nothing at All II, 2017

10" x 10" x 58"

plexiglass, dead hummingbird



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Nothing at All II, detail, 2017

Nothing at All II, detail, 2017

Yoga, 2017

45" x 20" x29"

chairs, zip ties

PeaceBreathing copymed.jpg

Peace Begins Here (the universe is in my nostrils), 2017

40" x 30"

metal dye sublimation print



Blessed Monotony, 2017

video loop

Blessed Monotony is entitled after the famous Gandhi quote of the same name where he commented on the inherent pleasure of mundane tasks if one is mindful of what one is doing. Even activities that would normally be considered drudgery and lacking virtuosity. The drone of the ragini box accompanies the mesmerizing activity of me dust mopping our then yoga studio. 

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Blessed Monotony, installation view, 2017

30" x 25" x 29"

video, monitor, shelf, ragini box

Vibrate into Seat, 2016

video loop

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installation view, 2017


Not Two Not One, 2017

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Tapas, 2017