My work is about the production of space: in the way it cannot be defined unless it is framed by something that is outside of itself. I love the way that space can be infinitesimal or sublimely vast; social, physical or psychological. It is considered to be one of the elements yet it is indiscernible to the ordinary senses and uncertain.

My interest in space manifested in the world of architecture and its digital revolution, where my relationship to my ”drawings” led to a crisis of self-hood. In painting about color, I studied the spatial concepts of mapping, dimension, plasticity, subtlety and relativity. The space of enigma led me to my own relationship to otherness where I began to paint only with my non-dominant hand and then made sculptures from the objects created in the paintings, which resulted in performances.

Currently, in The Naughty Operetta, I am interested in the spaces of accumulation: the mind (memories, plaque) and the management in the outer world as accumulation of things or an inability to articulate. I am trying to marry inner and outer worlds in my art practice in exploring the themes of inside-out, hierarchy, and patterning of the mind as a pattern in the external world.

My mediums are painting/drawing, sculpture (made with wood, discarded matter, drawings, clothes, dead flowers), digital photography and video performance/stills.

My intent as an artist is to develop bodies of work that can be shown locally and nationally and to facilitate the local artist community with my tangential practices of yoga and providing residencies/exhibition space to artists.